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A Stuller Ring Story: Brittany and Jacob

YOTW Brittney and Josh

Perfect matching bands made for stunning engagement rings.

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.

There are so many exciting and heartwarming stories surrounding engagement rings (and rightly so!). But don’t forget that wedding bands for both the bride and the groom come with their own stories as well. When a couple finds or even creates the perfect matching bands to an engagement ring, they are filled with anticipation for their upcoming future. The next chapter of their lives is about to begin.

For Stuller graphic designer Brittany and her fiancé Jacob, they looked to Stuller to help them find the perfect matches to their engagement rings as they plan for their upcoming wedding. Let’s dive in to see true perfect pairings in both the rings and the couple.

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A High School Sweetheart Story

Brittany and Jacob met back in high school in 2007. They both lived in Cut Off, Louisiana, and found their connection over MySpace. While their friendship grew over their high school years, the timing never really worked out. But love always finds a way for those who are meant to be and in 2010, they went to prom together and the rest is history.

For the next ten years, Brittany and Jacob’s relationship blossomed. They graduated high school and moved to Lafayette, Louisiana together for college. As they worked to establish themselves in their careers, they weren’t in any rush. But the time did eventually come for Jacob to make his move.

From “Prom-posal” to Proposal

As a Valentine’s Day gift in 2020, Brittany scheduled a home photoshoot with a friend who also worked at Stuller as a photographer. Jacob finally saw his opportunity. He gave the photographer a heads up that he planned to propose so she would be ready. While Brittany didn’t know for sure, she had a feeling Jacob would propose. Sure enough, at the end of the session Jacob got down on one knee and presented Brittany with a beautiful 14K rose gold ring set with a princess cut Morganite featuring an asymmetrical design. Of course, she accepted the proposal enthusiastically.

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Perfect Pairings

Shortly after their proposal, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country. Brittany and Jacob decided on a long engagement to give enough time for them to have a wedding without difficulties. The couple is set to be married in March 2022. While currently planning a wedding, one of the steps they have had to take is choose wedding bands to pair with their engagement rings following the wedding. They looked to Stuller for the solution.

Brittany’s engagement ring has an asymmetrical design so she was looking for a wedding band that can complement this modern style. She reached out to a friend from school in Stuller’s CAD/CAM department for assistance. He was able to help her design a band that fits perfectly against her engagement ring. Her band features a mirroring asymmetrical, open shank design set with accent diamonds. Her plan is to solder the band to her engagement ring after the wedding.

Jacob’s engagement ring is a thin 3 mm band. He intends on continuing to wear the ring after the wedding and wanted his wedding band to be something he can stack comfortably against the engagement ring. Using Stuller’s Band Builder, they created a simple 14K rose gold lightweight flat band with a 4 mm width (FIRL10.5:120:P). This band stacks perfectly with his engagement ring. This ring pairing makes for an excellent complement to Brittany’s stack.

A Bright Future Filled With Anticipation

Now that the couple has their wedding bands, they are even more excited for their upcoming nuptials. The coronavirus pandemic has made them wait even longer for their happily ever after, but if there is something Brittany and Jacob’s story has taught us it’s that finding the perfect match is worth the wait.

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