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6 New MatrixGold® 2019 Features

See what’s new in the latest version release of our most powerful CAD software to date

This past JCK, we at Gemvision unveiled our newest CAD software: MatrixGold® 2019.

Since then, we’ve gathered feedback from users and listened to their needs and wants. All of that feedback has come to a head in the newest version release of our most powerful CAD software to date.

Parametric Workflows

This was our most anticipated new feature!

Parametric workflows let you link all of the steps used on any design using the dynamic tools. Once you’ve finished your design, you can return to any prior steps to change the settings you used while designing.

By changing some settings to any of the steps, you will achieve a totally different design afterward — significantly cutting down your work time.

Pavé Tool

With the new pavé tool, you can add numerous stones at once with just one click.

Signet Ring

Many users reached out to us for a signet ring feature, and now it’s ready.

Ring Resizer

Do you have design files lying around from years of working with Matrix® or RhinoGold? With MatrixGold 2019’s new ring resizer, you can resize any ring in just two clicks.

Render Studio

Good renders are often essential for marketing efforts and for closing the sale. With the new render studio, you can get realistic renders that’ll help ramp up your sales.

Profile Editor

If you want to create your own designs from scratch, the new profile editor will help you personalize your jewelry with no limits.

With this update’s slew of new features, you’ll spend more time doing what you do best: creating intricate, meaningful jewelry designs. Comment below to let us know what you think!

If you have any questions or concerns, get in contact with one of our friendly Gemvision tech support associates.



Oriol Collelldemont

Gemvision Product Management Director

I've been in the jewelry trade my entire life – from working at the bench to managing • I live in Barcelona, though I lived in Australia for 4 years • I love to see the excited faces of those receiving a special piece of jewelry • When I'm not traveling, I love to stay with family and ride my bicycle with my group of friends (as long as we stop to have a good breakfast!)