Five Tips to Increase your CounterSketch Sales

Sales Director Heather Kutzman shares the secrets to success


If you’ve already used CounterSketch Studio, you know what a powerful tool this customization software is. You know, for instance, that you don’t have to lose another sale because what you have in your case isn’t quite right. You know you have a solution when your customer says, “I like it, but…” CSS is that solution.

With CounterSketch, you take an existing model and modify everything from the stone shape, head size, metal type, and shank. If you already own CSS, here are five tips you can use to increase your sales of customizable jewelry.

  1. When you practice using CounterSketch, you build your confidence and become an even better designer. So spend fifteen minutes here and there playing with the software. You’ll quickly pick up new tricks, and your customers will come to appreciate your skill and poise.
  2. There are literally thousands of beautiful designs in CounterSketch, but you need to know what your customer is looking for before you start clicking. You don’t want them to get bored or distracted – or worse – think you’re not listening.
  3. Don’t overwhelm or confuse your customer with all the different options that CounterSketch offers. Help guide the sale to exactly what they are looking for without distracting detours.
  4. The ring you have designed looks beautiful on the screen, but your customer wants to know what it is going to look like in real life. Translate the image on the screen into something tactile that the customer can understand. Use any of Stuller’s prototype selling systems, or features built into CounterSketch like try-on, any-gem any-color, render, and grid to bring their custom design to life.
  5. Really. Have fun. You’re not just designing a ring; you’re offering your customer an experience. And the more pleasant the experience, the easier it is to close the sale. So laugh with your customer. Trade stories. Be present. You might sell a ring, sure, but you’ll become a trusted friend in the process.

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  • Cliff Yankovich [ permalink ]

    Hi Heather – thanks for putting these tips up here. We do not have CounterSketch yet, but I came back from the Bridge event all fired up about the Showcase. I am finding some resistance getting people to try it out. When I show people in the store, they get excited and are all over it. However, when I attempt to get our Facebook audience to try it I am getting no where. Do you have some tips on how to present Showcase on the web to get people interacting with it? (You can look at our presentation of it on our FB page, our blog and our website. Cliff Yankovich – Chimera Design in Lowell, Michigan.

    • Heather Kutzman [ permalink ]

      Hi Cliff,

      I love what you have done already on Facebook and your website. Showing examples of rings customers and staff have created should really generate some interest.

      In addition maybe you could create a ring for a live stone that you have in inventory, and show how it could be set several different ways? Posting a photo of the stone and renders of the ring options.

      Also, as Kari mentioned you could link directly to the 3C or Flexible designs section of the webpage so that your customers link directly to where they need to be to start designing.

      Finally, you could show them how it is done. Record a video of you creating a custom ring using the “build your own” option on the website and post it to Facebook. I find that short videos often get a lot of attention.

      Love the ideas everyone, keep them coming.


  • Kari Stookey [ permalink ]

    We linked our current website tabs with the Stuller Showcase URL that matches each category! It is working like a charm and we are getting inquiries and wishlists on a regular basis. Feel free to check it out at

  • Alex Clement [ permalink ]

    Kari, your site looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Bernie Santen [ permalink ]

    Kari .. love your site… Are all the slideshow designs CS4?
    Very clever to link categories to the stuller categories

    • Alex Clement [ permalink ]

      Hey, Bernie. The images Kari is using can be found at the address below. They come from our 3C collection which also has designs in CounterSketch.

  • Bernie Santen [ permalink ]

    Hi Heather.. I have had Counter sketch for 2.5years now and loving it. Have submitted about 150 mounts so far.
    We are selling more and more with this. It probably does have something to do with my proficiency of the program. I am now very confident with all the features and I think this helps. I can usually “whip up” a rough mount in minutes . Spending time after the sale to tidy up the design.
    Often when my sales team are trying to sell an item that we don’t have I will eavesdrop and create it on screen across the room on CS4. So if we had a ring in white with an amethyst in stock and the client say want yellow gold and a garnet set in claws instead of bezel , I will create it and as the salesperson continues they know what I am doing and may say out loud the stone size so I can hear. Then I turn the laptop around and the shopgirl says something “here’s one we prepared earlier”. Usual response from client is “that’s what I want”. Lots of fun especially the expression on their faces. Help close lots more custom work.

    Is there a way that I can pick a range of prototypes that are suited for my clients ?
    I would love to see a range list and then pick 30 or 40 that work for me and my clients.
    I have seen pre-made sets, but usually only 50% (or less) suit my clientele.
    Thanks Bernie

  • Heather Kutzman [ permalink ]

    Hi Bernie,

    That is awesome, I am so glad to hear you have been so successful with CounterSketch.

    I love your idea of eavesdropping on the design consultation and wowing your customer with exactly what they want. What a great way to use the program and provide your customer with a awesome experience.

    Currently we only offer our prototypes in collections. Our merchandising team tries hard to assemble the best sellers so that you have a good variety.

    That said, we are in the process of closing out a few of our collections and are offering the ability to select individual pieces from those close out prototypes while supplies last. I will email you with more information on these closeouts.

    Thanks again for sharing your advice and experience.