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5 Push Present Jewelry Suggestions For New Mothers

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After a labor of love, gift new mothers with a precious memento

Mothers don’t get enough credit. These superheroes deserve constant recognition. Think about it: they’re our go-to advisors, our silent (and persistent) supporters, and our loving shoulders to cry on. Heck, just imagine how many times you’ve actually cried on your mother’s shoulder. Practically every hour for the first year of your life, for starters!

And ironically, mothers-to-be receive countless presents during baby showers, yet all of these goodies are for her new bundle of joy. What about the new mother? She deserves a gift too! After all, she just endured hours of labor; gifting her with push present jewelry is the least we can do. These tokens typically come from her partner, but may just as well be given by her sibling, mother, or closest friends.


Here are five push present jewelry suggestions for new mothers:


Trendy Birthstone Sets

Luckily, we’ve recently added a ton of trendy rings and neckwear in the birthstone category. And what better way to celebrate a new birth than with birthstone jewelry? Keep this Birthstone Kit handy to drive all your push present jewelry creations. 

Personalized Push Presents


Some parents get tattoos of their newborn’s name. While less permanent than fresh ink, these personalized pieces are equally expressive and look just as great! Choose a roman numeral birth date necklace or initial earrings as ideal push present choices that she’ll absolutely love!

Fancy Family Jewelry

If her newborn isn’t the firstborn, try gifting the new mother with family jewelry. There’s something oh-so sentimental about a fashionable adornment that symbolizes a mother’s most precious treasures. And these family bar necklaces make spectacularly modern push presents!

Ideally Priced Diamond Bands

Celebs have been the biggest purveyors of push present jewelry over the past few years. From J-Lo to Beyonce to Kim K, these fashionistas all received extravagant jewelry after birthing their babies. One emerging trend is for new mothers to add a third band to their ring finger. The engagement ring and wedding band signify the marriage, while a third band represents their new bundle of joy. Here are a few stackable samples to try on for size.

How popular is push present jewelry in your area? Is this a widespread trend or just a fad for the rich and famous? Let us know in the comments below!


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