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5 Instagram-Worthy Fall Gemstones to Share this Season

Be Inspired by These Beautiful Harvest Hues

Winter is coming. In fact, it’s already visiting much of the country. But autumn is lingering with harvest hues all around and Thanksgiving just around the corner. In nature, fashion, and even food, this time of year has its own special color palette, and Earth provides gemstones to match.

Warm Citrine Gemstones

Winter Gemstones Citrine Gems

Affordable and fashionable, Citrine’s warm honey-colored hues remind us of things we love about this time of year: a crackling fire, autumn leaves, pumpkin pie! These cozy images lend a cozy feeling to Citrine jewelry, making it a perfect color to wear with fall fashions.

Fans of the PBS series, Victoria, will be pleased to learn that Citrine grew in popularity due to Queen Victoria’s love for the native Scottish stone after she and her husband, Prince Albert, had their beloved summer home built near Balmoral Castle in the 1850s. Because Victoria loved Citrine’s golden hues, the stone became popular for Highland brooches, kilt pins, and sword handles. With the popularity of shows like Victoria, The Crown, and Outlander today, sunny Citrine is poised for a comeback. And who couldn’t use a little extra sunshine as winter approaches?

London Blue Topaz Gemstones

Winter Gemstones London Blue Topaz Gems

While we’re reveling in the sunny delights of autumn, let’s not forget the clear blue skies so frequent this time of year. A Blue Topaz colored sky is one of autumn’s greatest features, but this year-round color carries us through snowy winter and cheerful spring days to aquatic ocean blues in summer. This crisp blue gemstone is bright and energetic, bringing a breath of fresh air to contemporary jewelry designs all year long. Blue Topaz gems can easily fall into the bold or pastel category, making them perfect for pairing with just about any other gem.

Rosy Garnet Gemstones

Winter Gemstones Garnet Gems

Another one of autumn’s classic colors, juicy reddish Rhodolite Garnet brings to mind this season’s grapes and wine, apples, and even cranberry sauce. And like a fine wine, Rhodolite’s moody cabernet color, with hints of purple or pink, pairs just as well with jeans and snuggly sweaters as formal holiday attire.

Rhodolite Garnet gets its name from the pink blooms of the mountain rhododendron, which grows in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, where it was first discovered.

Smoky Quartz Gemstones

Winter Gemstones Smoky Quartz Gems

How can you not think of a cozy fire when you think of Smoky Quartz? The word “smoke” is right there in the name, after all. Both its color and its name bring to mind all sorts of other fall favorites, like toasting marshmallows, firewood, and even chestnuts roasting you-know-where.

The less adventurous way of describing a Smoky Quartz gem is simply “brown.” But there’s so much richness and elegance in these stones, brown just doesn’t suffice. Smoky Quartz is beautiful paired with pink, blue, or yellow gemstones. How gorgeous would a big Smoky Quartz center stone be flanked by peachy-pink Morganite this time of year? Or any time of year, really.

Green Tourmaline Gemstones

Winter Gemstones Tourmaline Gems

Not all leaves turn into fall colors this time of year, and one glance across a mountain or field will undoubtedly show you a patch of evergreens. They’re the same throughout every day of every year, and their constant, steady color has become synonymous with things that last. This timeless color is perfectly displayed in a gemstone like Green Tourmaline. This timeless green is as popular with male buyers as women, arguably doubling its value in your display case.

Especially since green is commonly affiliated with eco-friendly products, we see green gems such as Green Tourmaline being used by designers and sought after by fashion-forward consumers. Its rich olive-green hue provides a stunning year-round fashion accessory.



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