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5 Rising Bridal Jewelry Trends for 2020

New wedding band and engagement ring trends your most fashionable customers will love

Our experts spent lots of time scouting what bridal jewelry trends were to come in the new year, and now they’ve returned with great news: 2020 bodes well for fashion!

Here’s a look at some of the top bridal jewelry trends we expect to see rising exponentially in the coming year. Stay on top of the demand by incorporating some of these engagement ring and wedding band styles into your cases today.

Explore the top 2020 engagement ring trends here

Bridal Trend 1: Floral Flair

2020 Bridal Trends Floral Flair

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Fashion trends show a boom in floral motifs and design elements reminiscent of the natural world. If your customer wants a more modern style, check out these pieces, which are perfect for those who love sculptural engagement rings, vintage-inspired styles, and intricate engravings and beading.

Bridal Trend 2: Custom Style

2020 Bridal Trends Custom Style

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Our flexible 3C designs are a great way to start with one piece and have your customer make it their own. Let your customer design and redesign their ring, taking one piece and creating multiple looks until the design is exactly as it should be: perfect.

Bridal Trend 3: Timeless Twists

2020 Bridal Trends Timeless Twists

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The classics will always have a place in your case, but some customers look for a modern spin on traditional pieces. This is especially true for men’s wedding bands, where contemporary twists — special finishes, two-tone metals, diamond accent stones, and more — give the groom a way to showcase his personality while still keeping it classic.

Bridal Trend 4: Perfect Pairings

2020 Bridal Trends Perfect Pairings

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His and hers, laughter and tears, cake and champagne — your customers’ big day is all about sweet pairings that add up to one beautiful love story. Double the beauty of their engagement ring by pairing it with a contour band or enhancement guard.

Bridal Trend 5: Stack it Up

2020 Bridal Trends Stack It Up

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Who says your customer needs only one band? Stackable looks are here to stay, so show them eternity and anniversary bands to create a unique stack for each bride, mixing metals, styles, and stone shapes to create their perfect stack.

Which one of these top 2020 engagement ring trends do you foresee being a top seller in your store? Let us know in the comments below!


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