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Findings, Findings, Found!

Find out why the new catalog is a must-have

By now, you’ve probably seen Stuller’s 2016 – 2017 Findings and Metals Catalog. Perhaps you’ve even perused it at length, pausing to oooh and ahhh over all the great new product. Hopefully, you’ve entered the Findings Catalog Contest, where you can win a $500 Stuller credit just by showing us how you re-used your old catalog.

I recently sat down with Nate Button, Stuller’s Findings Director, to talk about the new book – why we needed another, what’s new in this one, and his favorite parts. Read on to see how we continue to refine and perfect the cornerstone of your business and ours

When was the last findings book sent out?

We sent out the last book three years ago.

That’s not so long ago. Why was it time for a new book?

We have over 600 new styles developed since the last book.  Along with the fact that our customers use and enjoy the catalogs which often start to fall apart.

How long did it take to produce the catalog?

It seems like it took five years, but it’s actually just one. In this case, production began August of 2014.

So no biggie then, right? No late nights or anything?

[Laughs] Yeah, exactly. Tell that to my team and to Marketing. Lots of late nights, lots of weekends, but after all that, it was totally worth it.

Oh, yeah? Why’s that? Why are you so excited about this book?

It’s all the new stuff. We added section, expanded others, gave more space to previously hidden categories.

So take us through it.

Well, first there’s the introduction of a pre-set section.  As melee-intensive products have become the norm within the industry, the inconvenience of setting them yourself has grown. Now we have an expanded section devoted to the time-saving components that already have the melee set and ready for your use.

page 5

There’s also the newly expanded shank section. This section used to be your go-to place for basic shanks.  Now we’ve expanded beyond the basics to new styles, classics, vintage, and bridal-inspired looks.

page 23

For the first time, dangles and links have their own section. Before, they were always hidden in the back of the earrings sections. Customers complained loudly (see, we do listen) about how difficult these products were to find. Now it’s much easier to find and navigate these products that are perfect for creating the most up-to-date looks.

Page 380

And finally, jump rings… A drastic change to what you’ve been accustomed to since the dawn of time.  This section now features the most extensive, coherent offering in karat gold in the industry.  We rearranged and renamed them for the ease of ordering. Just visit the grid, find the inside diameter you need, and the thickness you prefer, and place your order.

page 540

Should customers already have the book? If they didn’t get it, what should they do?

The books shipped out two weeks ago, so if customers don’t have it, they should contact our Sales center or click here to order it.

Well, you heard the man. Make sure you’ve got the 2016 – 2017 Findings and Metals Catalog. And let us know what you think of it! Share your feedback in the comments section.


Jennifer Bullock

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