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302® Fine Jewelry presents the Pearl Edit and Chain Crush

At the heart of 302® Fine Jewelry is a dedication to bringing the latest on-trend fashion accessories and jewelry to women everywhere. Our team of experts are constantly keeping an eye out for the next great trend and developing products that your customers are sure to love. With these goals in mind and after much research and development, we present to you, the Pearl Edit and Chain Crush.

Pearl Edit

Within the realm of trend jewelry, everyday essentials has become a very hot topic. Women are wanting jewelry they can wear every day without feeling over-dressed and without breaking their banks. As the jewelry industry adapts to fulfill this need, pearl was simply a natural progression in the line of accents within everyday essentials due to its classic appeal and evergreen style.

Taylor Beadle, a member of the 302 Fine Jewelry team, loved how versatile pearls could be in jewelry that appeals to the modern woman. She felt inspired as she helped develop products that anyone would love to wear.

“Pearls are viewed as this classic, elegant, coveted piece of jewelry that every woman must own. Our Pearl Edit provides a variety of pieces that suit EVERY woman’s budget and style,” she said.

We updated our product line in 302 Fine Jewelry with new items, such as seed pearl hoops, huggies, a pearl solitaire, and even pearl accented chain drop earrings.

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Chain Crush

For years now, chain has been a force in the fashion industry. It has a nice weight and is very versatile and stylish. What we’ve noticed is that chain is appearing in other fashion products beyond its traditional neckwear, such as earrings, bags, and more.

“It’s no secret that chain is having a major moment,” says Beadle, “but our Chain Crush additions show chain in a whole new way. With minimal, yet eye-catching designs and at an excellent price point, these products serve as the perfect gift for yourself or your BFF!”

We have introduced new items, such as chain rings, chain earrings, and diamond-cut curb chains, to honor this trend. We also added drill diamonds to the collection as accents that can be attached to chains for a more elegant touch.

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Trends That Endure

The beautiful thing about these styles is that they will be around for a while. They are not so trendy that you will see them disappear in the next few years with other fads. Chain and pearls go with everything and pieces like these are perfect for pairing with other pieces to create unique fashion statements. Encourage your customers to build their own #neckmess or stackable collection with looks they will love for years to come.

In love with these styles as much as we are? Become a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner and always carry the trendiest styles. Learn more by reading our blog post:

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Emily Graffagnino

Executive Director of Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

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