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July 2024

Diamonds & Gemstones
Emmie Montet

Diamond Education: A Guide to Calibrated Lab-Grown Diamonds

In the consistently evolving world of fine jewelry, lab-grown diamonds have emerged as a remarkable part of the diamond industry. Within this industry, calibrated lab-grown diamonds stand out for their precision and consistency, offering jewelers and consumers alike an unparalleled blend of beauty and reliability. But what are calibrated lab-grown diamonds?

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diamond screening and testing
Business Savvy
Guy Borenstein

Behind the Scenes of Stuller’s Diamond Screening Lab

What does it take to sell a diamond? Of course, it must have a brilliant sparkle and hit the right price point. But, above all, there is an element of trust that is necessary to close the sale. In today’s market, there is no greater currency than trust.

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ruby july birthstone
Diamonds & Gemstones
Kristen Chauvin

Sell With a Story: July Birthstone Guide

As the truest symbol of passion and strength, Ruby is known throughout history as one of the most desirable and famous gemstones. Its rich red hue and fiery gleam catch the eye and hold attention. Though held dear by those born in the height of summer, Ruby is a gemstone adored by all, worn year-round, and is always in style. Let’s take a comprehensive look at this magnificent gemstone and see why it’s the perfect option to celebrate every July birthday.

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