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July 2023

Taylor Dizor

A Jeweler’s Solution to Custom Jewelry Manufacturing

It should come as no surprise that your customers are looking for custom jewelry solutions. Custom jewelry is an $8.5 billion industry in the United States and is recession proof. Worldwide it is an $18–21 billion industry and growing fast. Particularly with couples, customization is booming.

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barbiecore gemstones
Inspiration & Trends
Taylor Dizor

Sell With a Story: Barbiecore Gemstones

Everyone looks good with a little sparkle and a pop of pink, right? With the anticipation of the upcoming Barbie movie, pop culture is brimming with the iconic style seen from the epitome of femininity — a movement called Barbiecore. First introduced by Mattel in 1959, Barbie has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion. Even today, we are seeing her ever-evolving style and trend-setting presence inspire us to embrace self-expression.

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Business Savvy
Kori-Kate Comeaux

Proven Strategies for Jewelers Who Want to Create Engaging Content

Posting on social media can be overwhelming. One way to ensure you stay on top of posting consistently is to plan out your weekly or monthly post calendar. This is a great way to look at upcoming holidays, promotions, and trends to ensure there are no missed opportunities for your brand on social.

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