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June 2023

4Cs of diamond color
Diamonds & Gemstones
Heather Fontenot

What You Need to Know About Diamond Color

In the mesmerizing world of diamonds, every subtle nuance plays a crucial role in their beauty and value. Among these factors, which we call the 4Cs of Diamonds, color holds a special significance in determining the value of these popular gemstones. It’s vital to have a basic understanding of diamond color when selling to your customers as this attaches greater personal value to the sale.

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Diamonds & Gemstones
Sarah Whisnant

What To Know: Lab-Grown Gemstones

In just a few years, a remarkable shift has taken place in the world of gemstones with the rise of lab-grown alternatives. Delve into their distinct advantages with top picks from Stuller’s assortment to help you kickstart your offering.

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Main Articles
Paige Oliver

Findings Friday: Find Out How Stuller Makes Sheet Metal

As America’s number one metal manufacturer, we take our “heavy metals” seriously. Our teams utilize high-performance production technologies and processing methods to achieve the best results so you can be confident that you’re using the best product for your designs. Let’s dive into our sheet metal making process.

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Inspiration & Trends
Angela Daigle

Top Engagement Ring Designs of 2023

Facebook Twitter Linkedin When it comes to creating a successful bridal jewelry offering, every detail counts in anticipating the needs of your customers — even

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modern jewelry packaging and displays
Inspiration & Trends
Macy Bennett

New Packaging & Displays 2023 Brochure

As a jeweler, you understand how important it is to display your pieces in tasteful and engaging ways to draw in customers and give them an unforgettable shopping experience. One of the best ways to showcase your jewelry and elevate the shine is with the right packaging and displays. It may very well be your thoughtful packaging and display pieces that provide the “wow” factor that brings repeat customers and word of mouth to your business.

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turquoise fine jewelry
302® Fine Jewelry
Taylor Dizor

Sell With a Story: Living in a Turquoise Daze

The summer months are upon us, and you know what that means — summer fashion trends! We’ve spoken before about a rising trend in colored gemstone jewelry being seen on the market and new styles our team is providing to answer that. Summer is a time of bold color and eye-catching flair. The robin’s egg blue that Turquoise is particularly known for is seeing a lot of attention this season, and we have the solution for you. Let’s immerse ourselves in all that Turquoise has to offer and look at beautiful gemstones that pair well with it for a dazzling summer ensemble.

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