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Top 2020 Jewelry Trends for Boosting Your Bottom Line

Discover our 5 favorite jewelry trends for the year, from storytelling to linear looks, and more

Throughout the year, our trend experts keep an eye on what’s attracting attention and selling up a storm. Here are their top five picks for what 2020 jewelry trends will be hot this year.

Add these enticing looks to your cases to keep customers returning for more.

Trend 01: Storytelling

Is it a story of personal growth or one about a special relationship? Personalized jewelry offers an ever-expanding choice of winning styles that invite creative storytelling.

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Trend 02: Linear

These clean, sharp lines appeal to fashionistas with panache. The styles combine fun and sophistication that will capture attention and inspire many a second glance.

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Trend 03: Chain

These perennial and luxurious favorites offer a new level of texture and movement that customers can dress up or down. They’re fun and easy to wear.

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Trend 04: Modern Maven

Put on a little something fabulous that has a subtle sparkle and plenty of flair. These modern minimalist looks add the finishing touch to any favorite outfit.

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Trend 05: Belief

In our hectic world, a sense of tranquility and purpose has grown more important. These powerful symbols from various beliefs remind us of what we value and help anchor us to the meaning and connectedness we seek.

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Alyson Keenze

Former Staff Writer