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Explore the 2019 Engagement Ring Trends to Expect This Year

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Our trend experts spend the entire year scouting what’s to come in the world of fashion. From consulting with jewelers to visiting industry events like New York City Jewelry Week, we keep our eyes peeled for what’s around the corner.

This new year promises exciting styles and trends ahead, as 2019 bodes well for fashion. We’re highlighting four dazzling, delightful 2019 engagement ring trends that even the most stylish customer will desire. We will keep a close eye on these looks as the year progresses. Stay ahead of the fashion curve by incorporating them into your store today.

Explore the top 2019 engagement ring trends here


Effortless Elegance

2019 Engagement Ring Trends Effortless Elegance

Elegance and regality are in-vogue. One of the fastest rising 2019 engagement ring trends, it seems the devil’s all in the details. Today’s consumer yearns for intricate designs that create a sense of empowerment and opulence. This trend captures Victorian grandeur while maintaining a hint of modern gracefulness. To achieve this look, try—

• Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

• Feminine and Dainty Engagement Rings

• Intricate and Detailed Engagement Rings


Graphic Glamour

2019 Engagement Ring Trends Graphic Glamour

Another forerunner among 2019 engagement ring trends, this look combines bold statement pieces that masterfully marry delicate lines with heavy geometric forms of cubism. Graphic Glamour represents a series of interweaving shapes that echo a sleek minimalist style. 2019 may just bring a wave of streamlined modernity. For more of this trend, look toward—

• Art-Deco Style Engagement Rings

• Bold Geometric Engagement Rings

• Bezel-Set Engagement Rings


Lovers Award

2019 Engagement Ring Trends Lovers Award

Lovers Award represents a transformation of tradition into something entirely original and personal. This top 2019 engagement ring trend is actually all about wedding bands that are love-inspired with symbolic detail. Brides-to-be seek bands with artistic expression that is subtle, yet sophisticated with devotional elements stacked for a more refined look. Lovers Award looks include—

• Patterned Wedding Bands

• Finely Engraved Wedding Bands

• Symbolic Wedding Bands


Visible Fantasy

2019 Engagement Ring Trends Visible Fantasy

Visible Fantasy brings forth the idea of merging two that exist in a world of their own making. This top 2019 engagement ring trend features a fresh look at the classic wedding band and engagement ring. Inspired by whimsical luxury, you will find something for every young couple that embarks on their time-honored celebration of unity. To complete this look, seek—

• Stackable Bands with Engagement Rings

• Custom Designed Engagement Rings

• Fancy Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Which one of these top 2019 engagement ring trends do you foresee in the near future? Let us know in the comments below!


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