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Meet the 2019 Battle of the Benches Competitors

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Introducing the jewelers set to compete at this year's Bench Jeweler Workshop

Stuller’s Bench Jeweler Workshop begins Friday, March 22 where our 2019 Battle of the Benches competition will take place. This live-action competition features challengers going head-to-head to claim their bench jeweler glory. Don’t miss the action!


Still not convinced you should attend Bench Jeweler Workshop? Here are five reasons why it’s worth the trip:


  1. Brand-new educational opportunities and seminars
  2. In-depth training on new software, tools and equipment, and techniques
  3. Networking with peers and industry experts
  4. Hands-on demonstrations to see, touch, and try out our tools
  5. Tools and equipment shopping

Now that you’re ready to book your trip, meet the incredible artisans set to compete in our 2019 Battle of the Benches Challenge


2019 Battle of the Benches Competitors Patrick DobbsPatrick Dobbs

Hammerman Forge | Austin, Texas

Growing up in West Texas, Patrick Dobbs’ passion for jewelry began when a teacher offered him a job making belt buckles. It was this teacher who encouraged Patrick to pursue a career in the jewelry industry. Today, he is a 30-year jewelry design vet and jack-of-all-trades. Not only does he design, but he also sells, uses CAD, milling, 3D printing, stone setting, fabrication, and more. When asked about his favorite part of the job, “it’s all about the reveal,” he says. “Seeing a customer’s face light up when they see the jewelry that I’ve worked so hard to create is indescribable.”


2019 Battle of the Benches Competitors Evgenii FedkoEvgenii Fedko

Fedko Jewelry | New York, New York

As an entrepreneur, Evgenii Fedko first began with commercial alpine climbing, then expanded into hotel and restaurant ownership in his native city of Sochi, Russia as his businesses grew rapidly. He received an education in decorative metalwork from world-renowned craftsmen — Jura Diasetter and Sergej Manaenko at the GRS training center. In just four years, Evgenii’s jewelry business became so successful, it was expanded into a full-size production studio, won a series of highly prestigious European awards, and serves a loyal, consistent clientele.


2019-Battle of the Benches Competitors Aleksey SaburovAleksey Saburov

Saburov Art Studio | Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Russian-born, New Jersey-based designer and engraver Aleksey Saburov is truly world-renowned when it comes to “hobo-nickels,” the niche art form of creatively altering small coins. He makes unique works of art, micro-engraved on authentic nickels from the early 1900s. Aleksey holds the prestigious title of Master-engraver of the highest, 6th Craftsmanship Degree — being the highest category awarded. Miniature fine carving is Aleksey Saburov’s specialty, something for which he has a great passion.


2019 Battle of the Benches Competitor Joseph KremerJoe Kremer

Joseph Kremer Inc | Louisville, Kentucky

Joe is a self-employed, JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler in Louisville, Kentucky with over 40 years’ experience. He has won two AGTA Spectrum Awards in 2001 for Design and for Manufacture. Married to his high school sweetheart, Joe plays racquetball and pickleball and has just finished writing his first novel.


2019 Battle of the Bench Competitor Susan RabinovitzSusan Rabinovitz

Little Relics | Sacramento, California

A lifelong craftswoman, Susan Rabinovitz has been making jewelry for over 15 years. A protégé of Alan Revere of the famed Revere Academy of Arts, Susan operates a neighborhood shop in Sacramento’s hip midtown district. She has positioned her benches in plain sight to draw customers into her store and get them involved in the process, giving new value to the pieces she creates. Repairs are important to her business, along with a rapidly growing custom bridal business.

It’s not too late to register for this year’s Bench Jeweler Workshop! Find more information here. 


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