Which Cleaner Does What?

Explaining your jewelry care line

When I talk to jewelers, there is a growing understanding of the importance of offering their customers products for at-home jewelry care. Your customers are sophisticated and recognize that their jewelry purchases represent significant investment that needs to be cared for appropriately. In addition, they are well versed in the need to use different cleaning products for different tasks. They purchase stainless steel cleaner for their appliances. They purchase hardwood cleaner for their floors. And they want to purchase jewelry cleaner for their precious jewelry.

Offering jewelry care products that are safe and effective for the jewelry you carry allows you to meet this need, while offering you the opportunity to educate your customers on safe, routine home cleaning of their purchase.

Here is a quick outline of the different products you can offer to your customers to clean all the jewelry in their wardrobe:

Product What It Cleans Why You Should Carry It

jewelry cleaner


This fine jewelry cleaner is specially formulated to clean fine gold and platinum jewelry, as well as, harder gemstones such as diamonds.
If you carry fine gold, diamond, and bridal jewelry, this cleaner is an important part of your jewelry care line.

jewelry cleaner


This gentle jewelry cleaning formula is safe for a wide range of jewelry, from diamonds to delicate pearls, beads, and fashion jewelry.
This gentle jewelry cleaning formula offers your customers a safe way to clean most pieces of jewelry in their wardrobe. If you sell pearls, fashion jewelry, or even mixed media pieces (such as something made with gold and emeralds or pearls), this cleaner is a perfect option.

jewelry cleaner


Like a fine jewelry cleaning formula, this product cleans fine gold and platinum jewelry, as well as harder gemstones such as diamonds. Many consumers, particularly millennials, are concerned about environmental sustainability and green products. This all-botanical, hypo-allergenic, and naturally derived product allows you to respond to this concern while offering a superior cleaning product.

jewelry cleaner


This mild tarnish remover uses an organic, acidic base to quickly and efficiently remove tarnish without risk of pitting or excessive silver loss. Safe for pieces that are made only of sterling silver. When your customers’ silver jewelry becomes tarnished, they won’t wear it. Offering a mild tarnish remover is safer than other harsher products or old wives’ tales like toothpaste.

jewelry cleaner


Professional polishing cloths can be used to clean and polish fine gold, silver, and platinum jewelry restoring luster without scratching or removing the finish. Polishing cloths are an excellent jewelry cleaning product that can be used on their own or in conjunction with liquid cleaning formulations. The cloths can be used on fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, and watches, and are appropriate for most any purchase.


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