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School Your Sales Staff with CounterSketch Training

Cover the core tools you'll use every day working with this powerful software

Did you know 45% of today’s engagement rings are custom designed? Fortunately for your business, custom can command higher prices. And with the just-in-time manufacturing process and virtual inventory that comes along with CounterSketch®, you can expect lower overhead and therefore higher margins. So custom is a win for you and your read more…

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How to Train Your Staff Like a Boss

Tips and resources for creating a savvy staff

Ensuring that your sales associates know how to close sales and increase customer confidence and loyalty is just one of your jobs as the boss. It’s challenging to find effective training that benefits your newcomers and seasoned vets alike. And while no single training regime will align perfectly with your read more…

Join the Best of the Best

Showcase your skills with JA's bench certification

I recently caught up with Sharie Fogarty with Jewelers of America, and she filled me in on all the great training opportunities JA has to offer. Looking for ways to broaden your appeal to customers or employers? The Jewelers of America Bench Professional Certification program may be the answer. Certification read more…