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The Genuine Ruby Journey of Swarovski Gemstones™

How Swarovski sources and shapes one of the ultimate love tokens

 Stuller proudly partners with Swarovski Gemstones™ to offer high-quality genuine rubies rich in color and cut to perfection   Rubies have always been associated with intense emotions – of passion and power, but also beauty and wisdom going right back to biblical times. In ancient Sanskrit, the ruby is ratnaraj, read more…

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Gemstone Engagements For the Next Generation

Non-traditional engagement styles for trendy Millennials

Diamonds are rare, beautiful and, yes, forever. That’s not going to change anytime soon. But gemstone engagements are making a splash among Millennial buyers. Remember that recently the DPA ran its “Real is Rare” campaign? It aimed at rekindling the diamond romance with younger customers. Since the Millennial group is read more…

Hot Holiday Trends

Our top picks for holiday gift giving

Give the gift of fashionable accessories this holiday season. Among the many fun and exciting designs available, there are a few unique styles that really stood out to me this year. Here are four trends that I absolutely love this season:   Rubies Red, a classic Christmas color, is showing its read more…

Big News On Burmese Rubies

They're back!

October 7, 2016, the U.S. Government lifted its 13-year ban on importing Burmese rubies. At Stuller, we’re excited. The most beautiful, desired, and rare of all rubies, Burmese rubies are prized for their natural “pigeon blood” color and command the highest prices. Not all rubies coming from Myanmar are pigeon read more…

Sell with a Story: Ruby

Read Elizabeth's latest installment about July's birthstone

Who can resist ruby’s luscious red? Its vibrant color commands attention and more than a lingering look. Those with July birthdays have every reason to celebrate their special gemstone. And since it is the “King of Precious Gems,” ruby enjoys the passion of many devotees. Love, Courage, and Devotion This read more…