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Pantone Summer Header

8 Ways to Wear Pantone’s Moody Blooms Palette

Pairing gemstone jewelry with summertime swatches

Summer’s sweltering heat invites lighter clothing with bare arms and shoulders. And jewelry gets layered on to create summer’s snazzy style. Now is the time to push the bright colors and dazzling flashes in your cases. The dazzling summer shades in Pantone’s Moody Blooms palette play well with Greenery, Pantone’s read more…

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Gemstone Engagements For the Next Generation

Non-traditional engagement styles for trendy Millennials

Diamonds are rare, beautiful and, yes, forever. That’s not going to change anytime soon. But gemstone engagements are making a splash among Millennial buyers. Remember that recently the DPA ran its “Real is Rare” campaign? It aimed at rekindling the diamond romance with younger customers. Since the Millennial group is read more…

Pantone Spring Palette

Pantone®-Inspired Springtime Jewlery

Pair gemstone jewelry with the shades of the season

As birds chirp, the flowers bloom. Today marks the first day of spring, the seasonal awakening and lively resurgence. After a long, cold winter, welcome brightly colored stones and springtime jewelry back into your showcases. To suggest fashionable choices, we consulted Pantone’s Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report. It sets a read more…

Lindsey Prewitt Stuller Associate Blog FF

Feature Friday – Lindsey Prewitt

A day in the life of the Moissanite Lady

I was looking for a job when someone told me Stuller was having a career fair. I went and met with a few people from marketing then I applied for a position as a Loyalty Program Manager. I landed an interview and clearly remember the interesting question asked on my read more…

Hot on the Trail of Gemstones

Gary Venable's gemstone buying adventures

It’s a warm afternoon in a field outside Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Looking around, you notice unusual plants — Sri Lanka’s famous tea — and, something far more apparent, a multitude of mining shafts, some just a few feet apart. On closer inspection, you see something unexpected: a bespectacled westerner, hip read more…

Sell With A Story: Iolite

Mysterious and beautiful, this violet-blue stone has inspired people as far back as ancient India long before it was named iolite. This gorgeous, dark blue stone was likely confused with sapphire. Yet iolite has it’s own story to tell and a few tricks up its sleeve. They include the simple read more…

Which Cleaner Does What?

Explaining your jewelry care line

When I talk to jewelers, there is a growing understanding of the importance of offering their customers products for at-home jewelry care. Your customers are sophisticated and recognize that their jewelry purchases represent significant investment that needs to be cared for appropriately. In addition, they are well versed in the read more…

Sell With A Story: Rubellite Tourmaline

With a name like rubellite, you can be pretty sure it’s a) red and b) probably connected to ruby. You’re absolutely right. Rubellite is a red tourmaline with a stunningly intense color similar to ruby. And they share a common Latin root: ruber or rubellus meaning either reddish brown or read more…

Moissanite – Part I

Lindsey Prewitt, Gemstone Product Manager, shares Moissanite facts

Moissanite is a gorgeous colorless to near-colorless gem grown in a controlled environment from a tiny seed right here in the USA. It is hand-cut and polished by master craftsmen, which brings its fire and brilliance to life. For many years, Moissanite has been known as the slightly tinted yellow read more…

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