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Zale’s Tales

Follow Stanley Zale's adventures in the exciting world of diamonds

While I consider myself very young, I have to admit that I’ve been involved in the diamond business for nearly 40 years.  In that time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some amazing diamonds.  When I look back at everything that transpired in that time, even I have a hard read more…

Go All Out, Baby!

Celebrate National Splurge Day in style

I admit it: I was well into my, uh, 20s when I had my first pedicure. And, frankly, I would never have crossed the threshold of the spa if it hadn’t been for a gift certificate that was nearing its expiration. The scene is still crystal clear. I walked into read more…

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Sell with a story: Pearl

Read Elizabeth's latest installment about June's birthstone

Pearls for June and Far Beyond To limit pearls to June birthdays would be a lot like limiting water to streams and ponds. Pearl beauty, appeal, and style — whether freshwater or saltwater — finds its way into almost every woman’s wardrobe. And thanks to cultured pearls, developed in the read more…

For Every Facet of Mom’s Personality

Mother’s Day gifts for every role she plays

As hard as it was for me to accept when I finally realized it, my mother is more than just my mom. She’s a wife and a strong woman, too. So when my brother asked what he should get Mom for Mother’s Day, I had to stop and really think read more…

Sell with a story: Emerald

Read Elizabeth's latest installment about May's birthstone

Let’s go back to the Emerald City of Oz and forget about clicking the heels of our ruby slippers. Let’s click our emerald slippers instead and enter the realm of emerald beauty. This irresistible force has long exerted a powerful attraction on the rich and famous, from the rulers of read more…

Sell With A Story: Diamonds

Read Elizabeth's latest installment about April’s birthstone

Meet “Lucy” To help customers understand the heat and pressure required to create a diamond, consider “Lucy,” a white dwarf star only 5.87 trillion miles, or 50 light years, from earth. That may seem like a great distance, but in terms of the universe, Lucy is actually quite close. After read more…

Spring into fashion

Fresh merchandising for greater sales

Six long weeks. That’s how many Punxsutawney Phil predicted we’ll have of winter after seeing his shadow last month. And while many of us thought we’d never make it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; spring is now just two weeks away! And you know what read more…

Items we’re head-over-heels for (Part III)

Stuller's bench team shares their favorite products

Swissbacks™ are among my favorite items. Each one is carefully engineered to flip up, securing the earring in place. No need for bothersome backs now!   I love our recently revised 14kt and 18kt palladium metal options. They now meet European nickel standards so they’re  perfect for those customers who are read more…

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