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Zale’s Tales

Diamond cutting, old and new

I started learning about diamonds as a teenager, working in the old Zale New York office at 450 W 33rd St. Because Zale was a DTC Sightholder, from the late 1950s to the mid-1980s, we were fully engaged as diamond manufacturers. In the New York office, we received the rough read more…

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Beyond the Basics: Facebook Advertising

For less than 20 minutes and $20, you can attract new customers

Are you on Facebook but haven’t figured out the right way to advertise? Never fear, this article will help expand your reach to new levels. With the right merchandise, messaging and marketing guidance, you can have customers telling the world (literally) how great your store is. If you are in need read more…

It’s About Time

12 time-saving tips as the Holidays approach

Once upon a time, you had more time on your hands. That time was summertime. But November is here, and things are rapidly picking up. The sand is trickling through the hourglass more quickly than ever, and your time grows more precious by the day. To help slow the clock read more…

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Zale’s Tales

The low down on lab grown

It’s been a busy last couple of months! First, there was all the prep for the JCK Las Vegas Show, followed by the event itself. Then, back to Lafayette for another great Bridge event immediately after. And in between, I managed to squeeze in my high school reunion in Great read more…

Ready or Not…It’s Here

What you must know about the new EMV chip credit cards

Much to the relief of consumers and merchants throughout the United States, the October 1st switch from traditional swipe-and-pay credit cards to the new EMV chip credit cards did not beget the zombie apocalypse. Like the once-dreaded Y2K bug, the transition has been little more than a blip on the read more…

Get Millenials in Your Door Today

Five tips to help you attract this high-spending generation

You know that the Millennials, sometimes called Gen Y, are an up-and-coming – and high-spending! – age group. These 86 million 18- to 34-year olds account for $1.3 trillion of consumer spending each year1. Yes, that’s trillion with a t! You also know you have to find ways to reach read more…

Quick! You’ve only got 9 seconds!

How store design entices customers

With a lengthy background in retailing and store design, I’m always looking at how a store environment can be improved. And I’m always amazed at how storeowners forget to take a look at their stores from their customers’ viewpoint. With independent jewelers now competing against big box stores and the read more…

Five Tips to Increase your CounterSketch Sales

Sales Director Heather Kutzman shares the secrets to success

If you’ve already used CounterSketch Studio, you know what a powerful tool this customization software is. You know, for instance, that you don’t have to lose another sale because what you have in your case isn’t quite right. You know you have a solution when your customer says, “I like read more…


Why the key to success is already in your pocket

It really is everywhere I look. Try as I might (and I do try), I can’t avoid it this time of year. Resolutions are all around. The cover of every major magazine I see, the editorial in every newspaper I read, the subject of every blog I follow, and the read more…