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School Your Sales Staff with CounterSketch Training

Cover the core tools you'll use every day working with this powerful software

Did you know 45% of today’s engagement rings are custom designed? Fortunately for your business, custom can command higher prices. And with the just-in-time manufacturing process and virtual inventory that comes along with CounterSketch®, you can expect lower overhead and therefore higher margins. So custom is a win for you and your customers. But even you if you have already purchased CounterSketch as your custom solution (or it’s just one option in your arsenal of custom solutions), it is important that your entire staff is comfortable with the software too.

2018 CounterSketch Training Dates at Stuller:

•  February 28 – March 2

•  April 18 – April 20*

•  July 25 – July 27*

•  August 22 – August 24*

•  September 19 – September 21*

•  October 24 – October 26*

* A Stuller Bridge Event precedes these CounterSketch training dates.

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Introducing CounterSketch Training

Stuller’s CounterSketch training covers the core tools you will use every day when working with the software. In training, we’ll cover all of the basic skills needed to close a sale using Countersketch—from using the style quiz to searching the showcase to selecting a starting model. Then, we learn how to efficiently navigate in the viewport using the design stack and then how to properly save your designs. Once you have the design a customer loves, you can then create a basic render and walk through the order process.

Upon completing the CounterSketch training, your sales staff will be better equipped to qualify prospective customers, determining exactly what they are looking for and how to narrow these results to a few options. Then, if closing the sale requires more advanced tools like Freehand, your sales staff can save the design and make a followup appointment where the project can then be passed to your jewelry designer or expert CounterSketch user. This powerful tactic removes some of the burden from your sales staff by handing the project to your CounterSketch expert, all while ushering your customer along down the sales pipeline.

Whether you are coming back to CounterSketch and want a refresher on the basics or seek to expand the number of sales staff that are conversant with the software, CounterSketch training can be a great resource for you and your business. Then, expand your skills with CounterSketch Online training to keep up with the latest tools to train your staff. Both the Matrix Online Academy and Online Training for CounterSketch are available as 1-year subscriptions.

Welcome your newest sales staff with this CounterSketch quickstart guide to kick off the software training

Have you attended CounterSketch training at Stuller Headquarters? How has it enhanced your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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