North America’s diamond in the rough

When you think of Canada, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Would it be snow?  Cold weather?  Polar bears?  I’m willing to bet your first thought wouldn’t be about Canada being a major diamond producer. To learn more about the brilliant diamonds found up north, I’m Mindi Courville (G.G., C.G.), Stuller’s diamond product manager and I’m here to tell you all about them.


Q:  So Mindi, most people think of Africa or the European diamond trading centers as being the major, worldwide diamond sources. But how long have diamonds been found and mined in Canada?

A:  Yes, there are several diamond mines in Canada, some more popular than others. The first diamonds were produced in 1998 from the EKATI Diamond Mine. Within eight years, two other mines – Diavik and Jericho – along with EKATI, together produced more than 13 million carats of diamonds per year. As a result, Canada became the third largest producer of diamonds in the world! Three other mines located throughout include Snap Lake, Victor, and Gahcho Kue.


Q:  What’s unique about Canadian diamonds?

A: Environmental cognizance is important in Canada. These mines adhere to strict standards in their diamond production.  It’s very important that the mines not disturb the wildlife or marine habitats.  Also, Canadian diamonds tend to have low levels of fluorescence and an innate quality to take a high luster.


Q:  How can someone tell if his or her diamond is from Canada?

A:  Diamonds with a finished weight of 1/3 carat and above are tracked from the mine to thedia4 market.  Each diamond certificate states:

  • The mine it was produced from
  • The certificate number
  • The original weight of the rough
  • The finished polish weight

The certificate number is also inscribed on the girdle of the polished diamond, which is a clear indicator of the diamond’s origin.


Q:  Does Stuller sell Canadian diamonds?

dia5A:   Of course we do!  Stuller offers Canadian melee in rounds ranging in size from 1.3mm to 4.1mm (0.01cts to 0.25cts) in SI2-SI3 GH quality. We also offer a selection of our Red Box Diamonds in several different shapes with GIA reports and an attached CanadaMark™ certificate.


Q:  Is there anything else you’d like to share about Stuller’s selection of Canadian diamonds?

A:  Yes.  Our Canadian diamonds are mainly produced in the Diavik and EKATI mines. Stuller is also a member of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct (CDCC), which states that we must keep records and a chain of warranties proving the authenticity of our Canadian diamonds.

To view our offering of Canadian diamonds, visit us online at www.stuller.com/diamonds.


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