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How to create a successful October agenda

October Store Planning is Crucial – Holiday Season Quickly Approaches!


Luckily, we’re here to help you with your October store planning. From the large selection of products your customers want this season to our services that add a helping hand, you can turn to Stuller to help you prepare. Take the time this month to decorate your store, strengthen your brand, and stock up on essentials. Steer your October store planning toward creating a solid foundation for your busy holiday operations.

October Store Planning Autumn Holiday Prep

Score Big with Store Decor

  • Clean your cases. As you and sales staff place and retrieve merchandise, your glass cases get smudged. Set up a routine, so your sales staff does this when they’re not working with customers. And be sure to shine the pieces that have sat in your cases all year.
  • Accent your showcases with colorful pillows, perfect for displaying chain or bracelets while adding depth and dimension. Create a focal point with bold, visual props. Alternating colors and visual elements throughout your store will create a bold effect.
  • Combine natural textures to resemble rustic, autumn terrain. Use tree bark, fallen leaves, and evergreen foliage to give natural life to your showcases.
  • Round up your associates to hold an after-hours autumntime decoration party. Carve pumpkins, fill mason jars with candy corn, and spray paint pinecones to incorporate into your store’s decor.
  • Set the scent. Favorite fall scents ranked from great to good are as follows: vanilla hazelnut, warm apple pie, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, fresh pine needles, hickory clove.
  • Pump the brakes! It’s too early to blast Christmas music. But you’re right on queue to build out your spooky Halloween playlist for your store. Plan for contemporary jazz and upbeat coffee shop tunes throughout November. But as always, Black Friday calls for an all-out Christmas music marathon!
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Prepare with Proper Packaging

  • Order your custom imprinted packaging. Your order should be placed far in advance to avoid any hiccups. Order soon to ensure delivery for the holidays. And be sure that you order enough — no one wants to run short during the busiest season.
  • Branding is important 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Customized totes are the easiest way to keep your store in your customers’ minds long after the sale.
  • Make your mark. Stuller can add your store name and logo on a wide variety of our packaging, including paper boxes, custom polishing cloths, and personalized ribbon. Now’s the time to stock up for the holidays!
  • Offer a tissue. Stuller also offers custom-printed tissue paper to match your customized totes and foil-printed ribbon. Available in 75 different colors to match any store’s brand and decor, tissue paper with your store’s name and logo printed on it is the perfect addition to your customized totes.
  • Gift your loyal customers with a small token of appreciation for their patronage. Offer them a complimentary jar of customized Klean Karats® jewelry cleaner. They’ll remember the gesture when it’s time for Holiday shopping.
  • Stock up on gift wrap. Let each gift this season allow your store to look its best. Stock up on gift wrap to impress the recipient before she even opens the package.
October Store Planning Packaging

Holiday Season Stockings

  • Stock up! The sooner you begin stocking product for Christmas, the better! Even if you sell these items before Christmastime, you’ll have enough time to replenish before the holidays, with more cash in hand and better inventory turnover.
  • Note your best sellers. Make sure to note what sells best in your store. Reorder these bestsellers quickly and have a backstock as well.
  • Don’t forget about metal products like preform and solder, two necessities for this time of the year. Between last-minute fixes and resizing after the holiday, you’ll be ready.
  • Cover your bases. Don’t get caught unequipped to handle custom holiday requests. Be sure you have the findings on hand to make their dreams come true. Stock up on laser wire. Keep in mind that polishing consumables will be crucial in the last few weeks.
  • Find the right stones. Let us do the work for you. We can match stones to your specifications, and our team of diamond and gemstone experts will ensure you receive the best for the impending holiday.
  • Order new tools now. Is your bench equipped for any piece a customer might throw at you? If not, order new tools now so you’ll have them. Remember, large and heavy tools take longer to arrive.
  • Stock last-minute gifts for your countertops. Keep items like jewelry chests, cleaner, and other supplementary items near the counter for quick upsells. Gold-plated roses make great gifts, too!
October store planning stock up findings holiday prep

There you have it – your guide to October store planning. How are you preparing for the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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