Why the key to success is already in your pocket

It really is everywhere I look. Try as I might (and I do try), I can’t avoid it this time of year. Resolutions are all around. The cover of every major magazine I see, the editorial in every newspaper I read, the subject of every blog I follow, and the share on every friend’s Facebook page has some tip or advice about creating and sticking to your New Year’s resolution. All my friends and family are talking about taking off a little extra weight, going to the gym, eating well, or learning a new skill. Now call me an old contrarian (my friends certainly do), but I think it’s all a bit overhyped. To my mind, resolutions are a little like elevator music: a pleasant distraction but largely unnecessary.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we shouldn’t strive for self-improvement in all areas of our lives. We certainly should. I, for one, am always trying to read more challenging books or redoubling my efforts to keep my mind sharp. But time has taught me that the key to success isn’t an annual resolution. It’s resolve.

Resolve is the best part of the human spirit – the part that drives us to accomplish great feats in the face of seemingly greater adversity. It compels scientists to find cures for serious illnesses. It pushes athletes to the very limits of their endurance. It gives first responders the courage to save lives in dangerous circumstances. Resolve changes the world.

You know this, too. You’ve always known it. Your resolve kept you in business in the early days when you questioned your sanity after opening your store. It kept you going during the Great Recession when it seemed like everyone around you was going out of business. And it keeps you going now, when even the memory of the busy holiday season exhausts you. No, you don’t need to make a New Year’s resolution; you need to tap into your ever-present resolve.

And sometimes you need a little encouragement, guidance, or inspiration. Sometimes you just need a fun diversion. That’s why we’ve created Stuller Blog. This is a place for you to find how-to articles and videos about everything from using our catalogs to simplifying the earring setting process. You’ll get business tips about how to sell to Millennials and how to merchandise your cases for maximum effect. And you’ll get an insider’s view of what life is like at Stuller by meeting the people who design, manufacture, sell, and ship the products you rely on.

Most importantly, you’ll have an opportunity to be an integral part of this endeavor. We want you to comment on what you read, to share your own experiences, and to participate in this great community of independent jewelers.

You inspire us. We, in turn, resolve to be here for you in every way we can. Let us hear from you. Tell us what you’d like to read more about on Stuller Blog by voting on the poll and leaving a comment below.

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