Festival Fashions

Jewelry for Coachella and Beyond

Festival InternationalMusic, drinks, food – who doesn’t like a good music festival? With a variety of festivals happening all across the country, it’s the perfect time to talk about fabulous fashions. Here in Lafayette, Louisiana, we know our festivals. The largest free Francophone festival in the country, Festival International de Louisiane starts today until the 24th.  So, if you’re in the area, come on down. And while you’re busy festivalin’, here are some trends you may see:

Layers. The layered look is still very much in style. Pairing smaller motifs at different lengths creates a bold statement. Your limit is your imagination. Play with different metal colors, textures, and styles. Feathers, leaves, and abstract shapes are perfect for portraying that boho-chic-flair.

14kt White .07 CTW Diamond Feather Pendant


14kt White 1/2 CTW Diamond Baguette Horizontal Bar 16-18" Necklace


14kt Yellow 1/5 CTW Diamond Feather 16-18" Necklace


14kt Yellow 16-18" Shark Tooth Necklace


14kt Yellow 30.68mm Horn Pendant


Smaller Accents. Pair your layered looks with smaller earrings so the ensemble isn’t too overwhelming. Play with asymmetry, different metal colors, and textures for interest.

14kt White 1/10 CTW Diamond Vertical Bar Earrings


14kt White 1/5 CTW Diamond Geometric Earrings


14kt Yellow Ear Climber Earrings


14kt Rose Leaf Earrings


14kt Yellow Horn Earrings


Finger Bling. Stackables are great for festival fashion as they provide a statement look without a big price tag. They also give you the freedom to mix and match to your liking. Single rings make great accessories as well, and the most popular follow the same nature-inspired and geometrical themes.

14kt Rose 1/4 CTW Diamond Leaf Ring


14kt White London Blue Topaz Stackable Ring


14kt Yellow Leaf Ring


14kt White 1/6 CTW Diamond Leaf Ring


14kt Rose Freeform Ring


What would be your suggestions for great festival fashions? Tell us in the comments section below.

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