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Feature Friday – Angela Zeno

The friendly face of hard work and perseverance
Angela Zeno and husband

Me and my husband

Hard work and manpower brought me to where I am today. I was referred to Stuller for a temporary position while working at Target. After working for about three months, my superior Kathy recognized my hard work, friendliness, and easygoing personality. Kathy had Human Resources call me and I was hired on permanently. It seems like this was just yesterday, though it’s been 19 years.

I’ve made my way through a few different departments throughout the years. When I first joined, I started in the Inventory department where I filled orders. I stayed there for nearly 10 years. Next, I moved to stone setting where I learned how to set, polish, clean, and plate pieces. After about two years, I moved onto the Alloy department, making kits for our customers. My next move was to PPM (Production Process Management) department, entering information into the system to begin a project or start a new piece. And last but not least, I went back home to Inventory Receiving Department.

I currently receive the pieces that Stuller creates, helping to identify, measure, and count them, then bring each to their assigned station. I love it! After moving around the company, I made strong connections, friendships, and learned all that goes into filling orders successfully for our customers. I also learned that the grass is not always greener on the other side. But I do not regret one moment of my journey.

Angela Zeno night out on the town

A night on the town

Outside of the workplace, I enjoy shopping – something that drives my husband crazy. But I can’t help it; I love to look cute! I also enjoy spending time with friends. There’s nothing better than heading out on the town with the ladies and a glass of red wine. We like bowling or eating out and when we do, it’s extra shrimp and extra gravy for us! My Lord and Savior keeps me going, along with my beautiful children and husband. I absolutely love being a mother and my kids are my world.

Angela Zeno family

My beautiful family

I always wanted to see how things were done in the jewelry industry and I’m proud to be a part of such a wonderful company. Since I started here, the industry has changed dramatically. We took orders by hand years ago but everything is done electronically now. One of my favorite memories is Stuller’s family fun day, complete with picnics, family, and all of my work friends. I also enjoy interacting with our awesome customers during our Bridge events by driving the Stuller Shuttles. I get to hear their feedback firsthand and take that insight back to my department for improvement. After all, If it weren’t for these loyal customers, I simply wouldn’t have a job. This keeps me motivated to do the best job that I can in continuing to make our customers heroes!


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