Disengaged Dudes

The ultimate guy's guide to wedding bands

It is likely that the bride-to-be in your store has been planning her special day for a while now, perhaps even since she was a young girl. More often than not, she has a good idea of
the type of engagement ring she’s going after. She’ll bring along clippings from a magazine
or share styles she’s pinned on Pinterest; heck, maybe she even has a sketch drawn on a
napkin. No matter the case, ring shopping is usually primarily focused on the lady in waiting.

And we know that most of the time, the guy hasn’t put much thought into what he’d like for his wedding band. Some dudes are completely uninterested in rings, and most are just unaware of the options available. There are all kinds, from the guy who’s eager to discuss each decision along the way, to the disengaged dude sitting in the corner with folded arms, staring off into space. Good news! The latter presents an opportunity for you, the trusted jeweler, to engage the groom-to-be and involve him in his very own ring selection. Inform him of all the choices when choosing his band; after all, he’ll be sporting it for the long run. 


Get To Know The Guy
Each ring comes with its own array of features and benefits. Consider what he does for a living. For example, some companies require their employees to wear tungsten bands because of the metal’s potential for fracturing under extreme pressure. Also, if working with electricity, he may want to steer clear of metals that have conductive properties and opt for a ceramicor stainless steel ring instead

Also ask him about what he does in his spare time. If he works on cars, he may shy away from soft, precious metals like gold and silver and go for a stronger metal that is resistant to scratching. A swimmer may need a metal that can withstand harsh chemicals, like chlorine. Precious metals may be the perfect fit for a coin collector who treasures value and rarity. Also, an avid hunter should avoid a band with a bright polished finish which could reflect sunlight and scare away the game.


What’s His Style?

A wedding band is not only an expression of marital commitment but also an expression of oneself. Urge the guy to choose a band that reflects his style. He may choose a classic band profile like half-round or comfort-fit, or he may prefer a more modern look like two-tone or hand-engraved. If he’s interested in personalizing his precious metal band, consider engraving. For a unique touch, he may choose to add a special message or scripture verse in a manly font or even in his own custom handwriting.

There are plenty of opportunities to engage the guy in the ring buying process. Remember, following the initial engagement ring sale, there are two more subsequent rings to be sold: the bride’s and groom’s bands. Even more important than any sale, however, is the opportunity to get to know your customer and build a lasting relationship with the happy couple, creating patrons of your store for years to come.

DOWNLOAD this groom’s guide to wedding bands and distribute it to the dudes that come into your store. Let them know that they have the power to pick the band that perfectly represents their style.

How do you get your guys involved in choosing their rings? Share your short story with us in the comments below.

Written by Sr. Copywriter, Josh Caffery, and subject matter expert, Erika Happe, wedding band product manager.

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