Strolling Through the Decades

A look at changing engagement styles over the years

You’ve probably hosted customers in search of the perfect vintage ring. The bride-to-be may have been wearing high-waist jeans while her beau was sporting a grizzly beard or high-top sneakers; it’s no secret that trends come and go, then come back again full circle. As artisans, we are able to incorporate looks from the past in order to create meaningful and customized pieces, bringing a customer’s vision of the perfect engagement ring to life. Take a step back in time with us as we look at how popular engagement styles have changed throughout the decades.


Did you know that while Elvis was establishing himself as the king of Rock and Roll during the 50s, the Hope Diamond found a forever home in the Smithsonian (1958)?

When it came to engagement rings, there was a rise of single, fancy-shaped stones, particularly the marquise diamond. Stackable bands, which were also trending during this time (thanks Audrey Hepburn), are still popular styles today.



The Beatles, Woodstock, and a man on the moon, the 1960s brought about the changing of a culture.

Styles changed too. Linear geometric shapes resurged. Floral motifs and colored center stones were popular too. Pop icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly rocked emerald-cut stones, while emeralds themselves were a trend started by first lady Jackie Kennedy.


Not only did the Star Wars saga begin during the 70s but Stuller’s story also started in 1970. Toll-free phone ordering was introduced in 1972, and prime manufacturing ramped up in 1973.

In the bridal industry, statement pieces were all the rage. Cluster rings were popular, along with princess-cut diamonds, which were perfected during this time. These rings were typically set in yellow gold and accompanied by matching wedding bands.


The 80s, particularly 1982, were a great time to be alive. Not only did Michael Jackson release his “Thriller album,” one of the best selling albums ever, Stuller also debuted its revolutionary next-day delivery that same year.

You may recall the Royal Wedding and Princess Diana’s beautiful sapphire ring. This iconic piece set off a firestorm for sapphire around the globe and created an instant trend. Bigger, flashier pieces seemed to be all the rage at the time as well, usually featuring round or oval center stones. Platinum was a popular metal, though white and yellow gold were chosen too.


The days before the World Wide Web are hard to recall, despite it being around for only twenty-five years or so. was introduced in 1997, along with a customization program called Have It Your Way.

During this time, we saw a rise in popularity of radiant-cut diamonds with triangular stones on each side. There was also a surge in three-stone rings.

2000 – Present

The turn of the century brought about a swift move into a new age of technology. Stuller partnered with Gemvision in 2009 to expand our design software, allowing for customization options such as CounterSketch® in 2010 and 3C in 2012.

Princess-cut center stones were popular, as well as, halo-style designs. However, due to the availability of numerous customization options for shoppers today, no particular trend has dominated in recent years.

Looking to the Future

The future is never certain. However, there are two things that can be assured: engagement ring styles will continue to change as trends evolve over time. And Stuller will be with you every step of the way to accommodate the progression of the industry.

As we look forward, customization reigns king, along with rose gold mountings and colored center stones.


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Do you remember these popular styles like it was just yesterday? What other trends have you seen come and go over the years? Share with us in the comments below!

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