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Angela Zeno FF Header

Feature Friday – Angela Zeno

The friendly face of hard work and perseverance

Hard work and manpower brought me to where I am today. I was referred to Stuller for a temporary position while working at Target. After working for about three months, my superior Kathy recognized my hard work, friendliness, and easygoing personality. Kathy had Human Resources call me and I was hired read more…

Stella Stuller Associate FF Blog

Feature Friday – Stella

Meet our favorite robotic associate

Do you ever feel like a robot? Have your actions turned monotonous, going through the same motions day after day? If so, follow our footsteps and hire a robot to join your team! Stella, our robotic associate, is a breeze to employ. She strictly follows directions and gets along well read more…

Deirdre Collette Stuller Associate FF Blog

Feature Friday – Deirdre Collette

The dedicated employee with the last name nickname

Meet Deirdre Collette Can you believe that I am in my 32nd year of working at Stuller? In 1985, my sister worked for Stuller and called to see if I wanted to fill in for a week, due to the team being short-handed. I agreed. When I mentioned it to read more…

Patty Leger Stuller Associate FF Blog

Feature Friday – Patty Leger

The avid angler and outdoorswoman

My story begins working part-time for a local Winn Dixie supermarket. I wanted a full-time position but learned I’d have to relocate to get a more permanent spot. A friend of mine worked here at Stuller, and she told me to apply because they were hiring Christmastime help. I applied 28 read more…

Alex Graham Stuller Associate FF Blog

Feature Friday – Alex Graham

The underwater adventuring author

In October, I celebrated my 5th year anniversary with Stuller. Five years – wow! While some may consider 5 years a blink-of-an-eye, and it certainly seemed to pass at that speed, it’s a significant chunk of my 26 years on this planet. While I feel very accomplished, I know there read more…


A Red Carpet Reverie for Valentine’s Day: Stuller’s own Josh Caffery writes about his adventure to this weekend's Grammys

One of the things you quickly realize about being nominated for something like a GRAMMY is that, while your project may be cool, artistically ambitious, and even culturally significant, there are things that are simply far more important to consider. Chief among these is the question that suddenly becomes very read more…

Lindsey Prewitt Stuller Associate Blog FF

Feature Friday – Lindsey Prewitt

A day in the life of the Moissanite Lady

I was looking for a job when someone told me Stuller was having a career fair. I went and met with a few people from marketing then I applied for a position as a Loyalty Program Manager. I landed an interview and clearly remember the interesting question asked on my read more…

Feature Friday – Jenny Wiggins

The lady in charge of logistics

Throughout almost eleven years at Stuller, I’ve held different roles in Logistics; I have a passion for it. I progressed through four positions before reaching my current one, with each preparing me for the next. The controlled chaos keeps me going each day. Also, it’s fulfilling knowing we’ve had such read more…

Feature Friday – Jennifer Tausch

A driver of strategy and design

My career to date has allowed me to wear many hats and learn from some of the best practitioners in the design industry. I have expertise in branding with a specialty in design strategy, graphic design, creative problem-solving, and brand thinking. My passions include facilitating new processes, developing training modules, read more…

Feature Friday – Taylor Burgess

Taylor talks about her unwavering focus on the customer

I grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana but moved away to Dallas to attend the Art Institute for Fashion Design. I always had a love for art and creating things so after one year in general art studies, I decided to enter into fashion design. While in school, I worked for read more…

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