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Ethically sourced diamonds tracked from mine to market

Know your audience. Customers are placing more weight on purchasing environmentally conscious diamonds than ever before. And with the Internet only a click away, consumers have become well informed buyers as they spend more time researching their purchases. We’ve all encountered that customer who — after a 30-minute Wikipedia consultation — deems himself a certified subject matter expert.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and preparedness to counter these concerns, especially if your customer has a tainted view of the diamond industry (perhaps brought on by Leonardo DiCaprio and his feature film Blood Diamond). One option, of course, is offering Created Moissanite or lab-grown diamonds, each having known origins and viewed as less harmful to the environment.

Try this approach when handling skeptical customers who feverishly ask, “Are these blood diamonds you’re selling?”


Start by Explaining the Kimberley Process

Formed in 2003, the Kimberley Process is an industry initiative to ensure all rough diamonds are exported/imported through conflict-free means. To comply, diamonds must be transported between signatory countries in a sealed and tamper-proof container with a warranty from the seller guaranteeing the diamond’s conflict-free origin.

Mandated by the United Nations and involving 54 participating countries, the Kimberley Process initiative is responsible for removing 99.8% of conflict diamonds from global production. Read more here.


Detail the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct

The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct establishes one of the most stringent reclamation standards in all of mining. This allows Canadian diamonds to be traced from the Canadian mine to the diamond jewelry retailer, demonstrating a commitment to authenticity.


Introduce Canada’s Diamond Mines

All CanadaMark™ diamonds originate from the Ekati and Diavik mines in the Northwest Territories, a remote and barren region near the Arctic Circle. Since the discovery of diamonds in this area in the 1990s, these mines have undergone intensive environmental assessments linked to rigorous permitting processes. Working with local Aboriginal groups, special care is given to ensure the long-term integrity of the land, water, and wildlife. Plus, the mines have an established history of developing technologies and processes to help conserve the environment.

CanadaMark Diamonds Diavik Mine

Canada’s Diavik Mine


Embark on the CanadaMark™ Journey

Offer CanadaMark™ Diamonds to those seeking traceable, ethically sourced diamonds. They’ll appreciate knowing where their diamond came from and relish in the idea their diamond was mined in North America. Plus, Canada’s diamond mines yield a higher ratio of pristine, gem-quality diamonds in comparison to other countries. They are noted for exceptional color, clarity, and luster, as well as low levels of fluorescence. Stuller delivers CanadaMark™ diamonds in two forms:


Red Box Diamonds® Featuring CanadaMark

CanadaMaCanadaMark™ Red Box Diamondsrk™ diamonds feature all of the benefits of our Red Box Diamonds. Each is responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territory, natural and untreated, and tracked through audited processes at every stage – from origin to polished stone.

Each one comes with a card detailing—

  • Evidence of the diamond’s origins
  • Technical characteristics
  • A unique, CanadaMark™ number
  • Stone weights

Stuller’s Red Box Diamonds® featuring CanadaMark™ are in full compliance with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. These diamonds are increasingly in high demand due to their quality and the transparency of their origins. Each comes with details of its journey from mine to market: rough weight, polished weight, color, quality, serial number, and technical characteristics


CanadaMark Melee from Stuller, Inc.

Stuller is proud to be the first carrier of CanadaMark™ melee diamonds in the U.S. market.

CanadaMark™ Diamonds Melee

CanadaMark’s melee diamonds are tracked in parcels because of their small size. Stanley Zale, our VP of Diamonds, explains, “This program tracks melee diamonds in batches through audited processes at every stage from the country of origin to polished stone,” says Zale. “Because of its size, melee is rarely tracked, so this is a big deal.” CanadaMark™ Melee is–

  • Available in SI2-SI3, G-H
  • Available in sizes ranging from 0.005 to 0.25 Ct
  • Responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories
  • In full compliance with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct
  • Natural and untreated

How popular are CanadaMark™ diamonds in your store? Are customer concerns about where their diamonds are sourced? Share with us below.

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