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Teva Dekel
Designer, Williams Diamond Center
Fashion designer by trade turned jewelry designer • Obsessed with fine vegan cuisine • Love anything to do with wine pairing • I adore Art Deco, Nouveau and anything Erte • Venice, Italy is my favorite city • Travel is my true passion • Amateur writer and poet (when I am in the mood) • My favorite book is The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran • I can spend all day looking through jewelry magazines and working on my Countersketch • Don’t even start me on Pinterest!

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Feature Friday – Teva Dekel

From fashion design to jewelry design

My earliest memories of jewelry were accompanying my stepfather (who dealt mainly in fine estate jewelry) to auctions and estate sales. He would have me dig through the boxes looking for the quality marks and gemstones. I always loved the designs, color combinations, and silhouettes of the jewels that I read more…