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Rebecca Cord
Digital Marketing Campaign Manager
I’m originally from Shreveport, LA but moved to Lafayette on my own when I was just 17 to attend UL • I am a Dancer and Journalist turned Blogger/Videographer turned Digital Specialist • I once spent exactly 23 hours in New York with a group of professional women I met through Blogging • I have been with Stuller for a year and a half and over five of my coworkers shared a previous job with me • In my downtime I enjoy aerial yoga, riding my bike, making YouTube videos, photography, cooking and playing fetch with my cat • My guilty pleasures are anything with Bourbon, over listening to The 1975, and gory horror flicks

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My Mother’s Day Memorial

A pair of pear-shaped aquamarines for Mom

There is one holiday above all others that commands our respect. It reveres a vast population of women who have earned this rightfully prestigious title. On the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day calls on us all to show extra appreciation and gratitude towards these selfless family figures. As we read more…