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Nichole Guillory
Media & Communications Specialist
I’ve been with Stuller since 2014 (even if it was just 3 days) • University of Louisiana at Lafayette Grad; Geaux, Cajuns! • Born & raised in a small town just outside of New Orleans • Former TV news producer • Married to an Army Combat Veteran • I have actually spent an entire month in Vicenza, Italy • I love country music • I treat my two pit bulls like children.

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If You Were a Gemstone, Which Would You Be?

Brilliant results from our August blog poll

In July, we hosted Gemstone Month – a celebration of all things gemstones – on Pinterest. We shared new styles, fun facts, loose stones, gem art, and much more. And if you stopped by our Stuller Blog and Twitter  during the month, you probably noticed our poll question: If you read more…

5 Ways to Rock the Two-Stone Trend

Set off the two-stone style with these gemstone pairings

You’ve seen them on the runway, you’ve heard about their popularity, and now they’ve made a splash in our industry. The two-stone trend has become a customer favorite. We see double everywhere, even in the wedding scene. Aside from trendy engagement rings, two-stone rings hold great appeal as anniversary gifts read more…

The Journey of a Ring

Part 2: The casting process begins

In the previous post on the Journey of a Ring mini-series, we learned about our Product Design & Development Department. In that area, our designers produce thousands of unique jewelry pieces each year. But after the CAD image is complete, where does the project go from there? It moves to read more…

The Journey of a Ring

Part 1: The room where it all begins

Each year, everyday consumers purchase millions of engagement and fashion rings. For centuries, this piece of jewelry has consistently proved itself the most popular. But have you ever thought about the journey a ring takes to become a fully set piece? Did you know it starts simply as an idea read more…

Returning to the Red-Carpet

Famous Emeralds Over Time

Whether royalty or movie stars are wearing it, emeralds have always been in the limelight, but this past award season they were even more prevalent as Hollywood stars walked the red carpet. The alluring stone draws attention with its classic and beautiful look. In fact some of the most famous read more…


Part 3: Distribution

In our last editions of the just-in-time-journey, you got a behind-the-scenes look at our sales and inventory departments. Now, to wrap up, we have one final stop to make – distribution. This is the department where all of your orders come together to create one complete shipment that will arrive read more…


Part 2: Inventory

In our last edition of the just-in-time journey, we learned all about sales, the place where it all begins. But where does your order travel from there? On to inventory. 100,000 pieces – that’s how many items are filled on an average day at Stuller. And in order to stick read more…


The history of Fat Tuesday

It is said that for thousands of years revelers have celebrated Mardi Gras throughout the world, but in Louisiana –it is believed that the first Mardi Gras happened on March 2, 1699. That’s when Iberville and Bienville, two French explorers, landed just outside of New Orleans, a place they named read more…


Part 1: Sales

If you’re a Stuller customer, placing an order and receiving a package in your store the next day has become pretty routine for you. But have you ever wondered about what happens after you hang up the phone? Well, good news! I’m here to take you behind the scenes to read more…


A Merry Christmas

From our Stuller family to yours, Merry Christmas. Enjoy these photos from our Annual Christmas Luncheon.                                             

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