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Lindsay White
Social Media & Marketing, Betty White Jewelers
Obsessed with jewelry • Avid reader • I Paint my nails at least once a week (how else will I take beautiful hand selfies of our jewelry) • I have my Bachelors in Psychology • Lived in 4 different countries • Speaks 2 1/2 languages (hopefully 3 soon) • Loves food (which is lucky considering my fiancé is French and I now live in France) • Likes sidenote explanations (obviously)

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Advisory Panel Event Betty White Jewelers Customer Events

Customer Events: Assemble an Advisory Panel

Offer the exclusive opportunity to preview your newest items

Understand your clientele – Host your own Advisory Panel event!   How do we generate more foot traffic? How do we attract a younger audience? As in most retail stores, this is our constant burning question. It’s one thing to point out how we differ from our competitors offering a read more…