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Kevin Metz
Chief Marketing Officer
Joined Stuller in 2014 • Inseparable from my beautiful wife and best friend Sandi • Amazon is my other best friend • If it involves art, movies, TV, music, or books, I’ll be there • I LOVE Pop Culture! • Have been to Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, UK and Germany • Still waiting to meet the heroes of the Justice League • Closet-wanna-be comic book artist • Loved Purdue University so much I went for 8 years and got 3 degrees – Go Boilermakers! • Worked in NYC and I love the Big Apple • Always stay positive • I have THE BEST Marketing Team EVER!

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Feature Friday – Kevin Metz

Stuller’s first Chief Marketing Officer

I’m currently responsible for all things marketing, including print/catalogs, digital/Stuller.com, customer experience, content, events, social media, and PR. I love my role. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, primarily because I’ve been granted the opportunity to drive significant change in the way Stuller markets its brand. I have the read more…