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Kent West
Matrix Product Manager
I have been with Gemvision since 1995 • I live in Iowa and work at the Gemvision Iowa location • I can run the register at Taco Bell, but I've never worked there • I am a fan of bicycling and playing guitar, though I rarely combine the two • I enjoy really good beer on occasion, especially if someone else bought it! • I have had almost every amphibian as a pet at one point, including a mudskipper • Movies with light cycles, replicants, or Tatanka are amazing

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Introducing Mehmet Pekin: an accomplished Matrix 9 user & instructor from Istanbul, Turkey   A talented Matrix user, Mehmet Pekin has been using the software for about 13 years. He has built his career around 3D modeling, both as a CAD operator and instructor, all while mastering the tools required. read more…