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Jim Froeschle
Georgia Sales Director
I've been with Stuller since 2012 • I am the last of 9 awesome siblings • I love Atlanta • Heaven will have a ton of sand volleyball courts! • My favorite book still is “ Devil in the White City” • I am a sucker for a good glass of Chardonnay and sea salt ice cream. .

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Post-Sale Tips Customer Relationship header

5 Ways to Build a Relationship with the Happy Couple

You just sold that engagement ring. Now what?

You’ve journeyed with your customer for the last three weeks. From examining endless ring styles to evaluating multiple diamonds, your client finally says “I do” to the ring. But your union doesn’t end there. Here are five post-sale tips to help you to follow through with opportunities after the engagement read more…

Quick! You’ve only got 9 seconds!

How store design entices customers

With a lengthy background in retailing and store design, I’m always looking at how a store environment can be improved. And I’m always amazed at how storeowners forget to take a look at their stores from their customers’ viewpoint. With independent jewelers now competing against big box stores and the read more…