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Jason Lemaire
Tools Director
I've been with Stuller since 1998 • Graduate of University of Louisiana at Lafayette • Top 5 musicians in order: Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Merle Haggard, Gordon Lightfoot, and Tupac • Lifelong Saints fan • Favorite authors Ken Follett and Wilbur Smith • Drive a classic British sports car Friday through Sunday, depending on the weather • Best city ever visited was Charleston, South Carolina.

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5 Tips to Kickstart Your Jewelry Repair Business

Maximize repair to boost your profitability

Few can argue that jewelry repair is an underlying revenue stream that pays the bills when things get slow. In fact, repair averages anywhere from 10-15% in monthly revenue, peaking in January. That’s right, you know all too well about the post-Christmas sizing, modifications, engravings, and enhancements that waltz through read more…

Coming soon to a door near you – Part II

Stuller’s long-awaited 2016-2017 Tools Catalog

Over the past year, our Tools Department has spent countless hours developing the 2016-2017 Tools Catalog. They researched years of your comments from past catalogs to give them a guide as to what to keep, what to discard, and what to enhance for this new book. And one of those read more…

Coming Soon to a Door Near You

Stuller's long-awaited 2016-2017 Tools Catalog

Stuller’s new Tools catalog will be landing on your doorstep any minute. Our experts in the Tools department have spent countless hours curating the best tools for your bench. This catalog is jam-packed with over 500 pages of the latest and greatest and your trusted favorites. It’s been completely reimagined read more…