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Erwin Wieser
Vice President of Operations, Swarovski Gemstones for the Americas
I live in New York and have been with the Swarovski Group for over 20 years • Born and raised in Bregenz, Austria, on the eastern shores of Lake Constance – the third-largest freshwater lake in Central Europe • I enjoy walks on the eastern shore of Long Island, NY with my puppy Nina and hitting the waves with my longboard • Previous sheepherder • Love eating Apricot marmalade at breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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Can We Improve On What Nature Creates?

Swarovski Genuine Topaz – Enhancing Brightness, Fire and Color

Discover How Swarovski Genuine Topaz is Enhanced Through a Proprietary TCF™ Process   Let’s talk topaz, a stone treasured through the ages and in the early days of discovery, often mistaken for a diamond. In fact, in the late 18th century the “Braganza Diamond,” a massive 1650ct topaz, found its way from the read more…