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Elizabeth Raffel
Copywriter, Marketing
I've been with Stuller since 2013 • Primarily read books on physics and other sciences • Was blown away by 'Breaking Bad' • I believe no woman can have too many boots or too much jewelry • Been writing professionally longer than I care to admit • Studied tailoring after college.

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Famous Aquamarine Sell Story Blog Header

Sell With a Story: Famous Aquamarines

Aquamarine has an irresistible color that ranges from a pale blue to a light teal. This mesmerizing spectrum comes from aquamarine’s green undertones. And this is why it was named “aqua marine” which is Latin for “sea water.” As light reflects through it, we experience this gem as a calm, read more…

Famous Morganites Sell With a Story

Sell With a Story: Morganite’s History

In recent years, morganite has enjoyed a growing popularity. Its pale blush pink or peach hues captivate in vintage-inspired designs and exude feminine sophistication in sleek modern looks and embody understated elegance in classic styles. Whether chosen for an engagement ring or a fashion look, it’s a stunner.   Morganite’s read more…

Sell With a Story – Famous Opals

In the world of opals, Australia is the supreme ruler. Exaggerating? I don’t think so. About 90% of gem quality opals come from the continents two opal-rich areas: Coober Pedy in South Australia, the world’s largest source of gem quality opals, and Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, home to the read more…

Famous Pearls Blog Header

Sell With A Story: Famous Pearls

Pearls form inside a mollusk, a combination of the mineral Aragonite and a protein called conchiolin. This protein is the organic building block of the mollusk shell. We feel pearls are alive when we see their inner glow and iridescent nacre. Frequent wear rehydrates them and helps to maintain an read more…

Famous Diamonds Header

Sell With a Story – Famous Diamonds

It’s April, and I simply must write about diamonds — particularly these famous diamonds. I learned about them from Stanley Zale, our amazing Vice President of Diamonds and Gemstones. As many of you know, his family owned a well-known chain of jewelry stores, and Stanley grew up around diamonds. After read more…

Hot on the Trail of Gemstones

Gary Venable's gemstone buying adventures

It’s a warm afternoon in a field outside Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Looking around, you notice unusual plants — Sri Lanka’s famous tea — and, something far more apparent, a multitude of mining shafts, some just a few feet apart. On closer inspection, you see something unexpected: a bespectacled westerner, hip read more…

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