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Dennis Busby
Casting Director
I've been with Stuller since 1983 • I was raised in Louisiana, behind the pine curtain • I love to eat and try new restaurants • I'm the fun grandpa • I like art, military history, and percussion • It's cliché, but my wife is my best friend • I love to scare people • My work group has easily cast over 20 million parts in my career.

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Casting Pro

Step by step guide to getting the most out of your cast

Casting blends old and new in truly remarkable fashion. Our industry is constantly changing, adapting ancient techniques to modern technology. So, we’ve asked our experts to walk us through lost wax casting: STEP 1. PATTERN Wax patterns are made by one of the following ways: carving, build-up, hand forming, or mold read more…


The Evolution

With roots that go back 5,000 years, the artisan’s craft of casting blends old and new in truly remarkable fashion. Our industry is constantly changing, adapting ancient techniques to modern technology. In this fusion of design and processes, we discover a melting pot of past, present, and future that fuels the passion of today’s jewelers. The mix of read more…