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Deirdre Collette
Accounts Payable Specialist
I’ve been with Stuller since 1985- WOW! • I’m a simple girl from the country who goes without shoes • Leopard print everything! • No need for TV but I love country music • I’m a homebody • Hotels give me the creeps • My granddaughters call me Honey • Shouldn't everyone have a nickname? • My favorite days are spent picnicking in the park, at the lake or just in the backyard • After all, family time is the best time • “Live well, laugh often & love a lot!”

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The dedicated employee with the last name nickname

Meet Deirdre Collette Can you believe that I am in my 32nd year of working at Stuller? In 1985, my sister worked for Stuller and called to see if I wanted to fill in for a week, due to the team being short-handed. I agreed. When I mentioned it to read more…