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Daniel Smith
Gemvision Technical Support
I've been with Gemvision since 2012 • Jedi since birth • Tested out of all things school • An author whose interests include photography & film to help tell stories • A father of three little girls • I have an identical twin • The ocean is my home • Adventure, excitement, a Jedi craves not these things.

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A Gemvision Narrative – The Pirate Ship Ring

Shipwrecks, an octopus battle, and more

Working in Gemvision technical support, we get our fair share of requests to create designs. Although technical support is not a distribution?, we are an education and support system for our users. Often times, we will get requests for designs that really stand out, and we always remember that one read more…

Feature Friday

A Gemvision Narrative

When you think technical support, you may picture someone just picking up a phone, or answering an e-mail asking, “How can I help you?” Technical support at Gemvision could be titled differently in terms of how creative it is. At Gemvision’s Technical Support we receive, on a daily basis, design read more…