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Daniel Maldonado
Marketing Content Videographer
I've been with Stuller since 2010 • I'm originally from Tucson, AZ • My favorite meal is lasagna • I love collecting vintage cameras • Most famous person I've ever met: John Voight • Play tennis every afternoon • I take pictures of everything I find interesting.

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More than a thousand words – Part III

3 crucial considerations in photo-editing

You’ve done it. You’ve created the perfect ring. You brought your vision to life and now you’re ready to sell that bad boy. You’ve read our parts one and two in this series and learned how to take perfect picture. But it’s still not looking exactly right. If you can read more…

More than a thousand words – Part II

How photography will revolutionize your marketing efforts

You just finished casting a ring that’s been in your head for what seems like a year now. You’ve labored over it. Sketch after sketch, render after render, and now it’s finally complete and ready to sell. The only thing left to do is post it on your Facebook page read more…