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Cheryl Jester
Communications, Marketing & Trends, Swarovski
Celebrating 9.5 years at Swarovski! • My expertise lies in the Communications, Marketing and Trend arenas • I'm a mother of a little son with another boy on the way – due January 2018 • I used to collect jewelry but now I am collecting strollers!

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Swarovski Gem Visions 2018 Trend Directions Header

Dazzling New Design Directions from Swarovski Gem Visions 2018

Fresh trends translated into beautiful, surprising jewelry designs

Discover Wunderkammer by Swarovski Gem Visions 2018   Trend directions vary much more often in fashion than accessories and jewelry.   Nevertheless, jewelry trends exist. Sometimes we consider new fashions faddish, and unlikely to have much traction. Yet many can trickle off the runway. With New York Fashion Week just behind read more…