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Ashley Brown
Executive Director of Marketing Services
I've been with Stuller since 2010 • Biggest pet peeve: People ending their sentences with a preposition • Has dined with Nolan Ryan, Prince Albert of Monaco, Jim Harbaugh, and Julia Roberts (not together) • Lifelong sports fan - mainly LSU (all sports), Denver Broncos, Dallas Stars • Started marketing career in sports (Texas Rangers Baseball Team) while getting an MBA • Paternal grandfather was the youngest member of the 1936 U.S. Olympic track team! • Can’t cook but addicted to cooking shows • Have lived in Louisiana, Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, Florida, but would most like to live in London, England.

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In good company

An inside look at North America's largest jewelry manufacturer

FROM THE TRUNK OF A CAR, TO 600,000 SQUARE FEET OF PROMISE… In 1970, Matt Stuller founded Stuller Inc. from modest beginnings and an unmovable focus on the customer. Today, Stuller is leading the industry as the largest manufacturer and distributor of jewelry and jewelry-related tools, supplies and equipment in read more…