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Ali Keenze
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I started at Stuller in October 2017 as a Marketing Services Intern • I’m a writer, taxidermist, visual artist, avid rural and urban explorer, swimmer, and everything in between and beyond • Coffee is actually what flows through my veins • I want to live everywhere from busy New York City to serene Montana • I can regularly be found having wild jam sessions to Fall Out Boy • Kittens are inarguably cuter than puppies • I’ll go to war behind the Oxford comma

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Customer Events: Casting in Seattle

How Goldmine Design drives foot traffic with creativity, charm, and a unique casting experience

When you have 450 square feet of space to run a manufacturing facility, you make every inch count—and Seattle-based Goldmine Design has been doing just that since 1994. Sitting street-side off Seattle’s 1st Avenue, Goldmine has turned a small workspace into a jewelry-making powerhouse complete with dreams turned realities, a read more…