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Alecia Hebert
CAD/CAM Services Director
I've been with Stuller since 1993 • I like people but I LOVE dogs • 99% of my quotes come from Steel Magnolias • I pretend to know French and can convince you with my accent • I have a deep obsession with ironing while watching Food Network • My son lives in fear of my practical jokes • I hate horseradish and cilantro (and that’s pretty much it) • NEVER DARE ME!

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Feature Friday – Alecia Hebert

Meet Alecia Hebert, the customization queen

You know those speedy, people-movers in the airports? The ones that you hop on to get to your next destination in half the time of walking? Well, that’s what my day is like. All day. EVERYDAY. The digital age is extremely fast-paced. Technology comes with a responsibility, and we here read more…