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Abbi Duvall
Creative Designer, Joshua's Fine Jewelry
I've been with Joshua's Jewelry since Leap Day of 2016 • Lived in Russellville, Arkansas my entire life – though I like to think that one day I could call myself a traveler • Arkansas Tech University graduate with a degree in music that I use to design jewelry • Elephant enthusiast • Mom to an annoying cat • Football fanatic (Go Hawks) • Lord of the Rings scholar • My boss says I'm a "raging she-beast" when I'm angry, so don't take my food and we won't have a problem!

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A Super Heroic Pop Culture Creation

Abbi Duvall of Joshua’s Fine Jewelry creates a one-of-a-kind Wonder Woman design

Nathan George, General Manager of Joshua’s Fine Jewelry Abbi has been a friend of ours for several years. Over the years, my wife got to know her by working with her on church functions. I knew she would be an excellent employee. She had the right kind of people skills, read more…