April Bridge Fun!

See pictures of all the excitement

Would you like your business to grow? Are you ready for change? Then find your way to Lafayette, LA, and we’ll take care of the rest! That’s right! We’ll pay for your hotel and meals, all while you learn how to bring in more sales!

If you came to Bridge, you might recognize these cool pics (and maybe see yourself in one of them). If you didn’t attend Bridge, this is just a taste of what you missed. But don’t worry: You have five more opportunities to visit us in 2015. Register here today!

Bridge1 Bridge2
Bridge19 Bridge4
Bridge16 Bridge22
Bridge21 Bridge13
Bridge14 Bridge15
Bridge9 Bridge7
Bridge8 Bridge6
Bridge12 Bridge10
Bridge11 Bridge18
Bridge3 Bridge17
Bridge20 Bridge5
 Bridge23  Bridge24
bridgeapril bridge


If you attended Bridge, share with us your favorite memories in the comment section below!

  • Cliff Yankovich [ permalink ]

    Bridge indeed! What a wonderful two days. Julie and I have been trying to get to one of these since you started them. We set out with high expectations and they were exceeded. Loved the tour – learned a lot – all the people are top shelf. Great information – great food! I wrote about it here:http://chimeradesignlowell.blogspot.com/2015/04/custom-jewelry-you-design-gold-bars-new.html

  • Jennifer Bullock [ permalink ]

    Cliff, we’re so glad you and Julie were able to come to Bridge! Hope the weather was warm enough for you – or at least warmer than Michigan!

  • Argelia Skero [ permalink ]

    Cliff and Julie, thank you for coming to Bridge, and for the nice article you wrote about it. We are happy that you learned a lot of things that can help your business grow. We hope to see you at a future event, thanks again for sharing your Bridge memories with us!

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